Valeria Weber: Liquified Summer

Image Credit: Valeria Weber

Devonport Guildhall, Ker Street


Thursday 05 July 2018 – Saturday 07 July 2018
Saturday 7 July, 1-3pm
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 9am-3pm

Join Valeria Weber for her exhibition pop-up, Liquified Summer. The Brazilian abstract painter will be showing new works in her first exhibition in Plymouth and we cannot wait to host her! Join the opening for an artist talk and wine - plus the Bakehouse will be open - Saturday 7 July, 1-3pm

In a tropical country like Brazil, the four seasons of the year are less palpable compared to those in countries situated more distant from the equator. There are practically only two seasons: hot/cold or rainy/dry. The presence of the sun and the rain is what defines tropical.

Summer, through the eyes of the artist, is the combination of the effects of the sun and the rain. It is the myriad of colours, the need to celebrate life, the power of nature that makes people want to leave their houses. In a Brazilian summer, all sunny days, with no exception, end with a refreshing rainfall. The paintings presented in this exhibition follow that same idea, having a specific temperature and a climate of their own. There is a strong presence of colours in a vibrant and open palette, where organic shapes are affiliated with fragments of nature. Try and imagine a landscape, heat it with the sun, let the rain come, and then you will obtain the visual effect of the paintings in this exhibition.

The scenery in the Atlantic Rainforest, which outlines the Atlantic Ocean all the way from the south to the north of Brazil, is diverse and bursting with self-esteem. So much so that a broken branch quickly grows back to what it once was. For that reason, the shapes displayed in the paintings are organic, intuitive and random. They are paintings with movement and life. The pieces are loose, unguarded and malleable like the process of melting, free like leaves on a branch. Produced uniquely for this exhibition, the pieces are produced in acrylic on canvas, in layers that start thick and end transparent and liquid, like watercolour.

All of this intimacy with nature and summer was only recognized when the artist left her home, Brazil, for a longer foreign experience. It was then that she considered how difficult it was to count the days that did not shine with the presence of the sun, the importance of a blue sky, the significance of such diversity that was always noticeable in her surroundings. Working with paint and ceramic sculptures, this is the first individual exposition of Valéria Weber in England. The occurrence of the exhibition clashes with the English summer, another reason to show the number of ways in which light reacts with the colours it is surrounded by. Liquefied Summer is a distortion of landscapes with all possibilities that this illusion propagates.

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