Pick of the Week 2016

December's Picks, selected by lewdjaw

December 5 - 11

I'm Feeling So Virtual I'm Violent

Ha Ha Gallery, Southampton
Until Saturday 14 January 2017

'Southampton's tourism website tells that Southampton is the 'cruise capital' of Europe. I've never been on a cruise, but the idea does appeal to me. It's well known that art galleries have learnt much from the cruise tradition. Those meet the curator things: heavily borrowed from meet the captain at formal dinners. Grandmother's saga cruise holiday snaps: turtle necks feature heavily. White ship: White cube, mate. It's time we reclaimed the cruise for the art community; after luring visitors on the boat and setting off, it's only a matter of time until they stumble across the show you've put together in the hull. Also HA HA Gallery looks good, but they aren't on the tourism website, they probably should be. Shout out to Boyd and Roberts who feature.'

Guest Editor lewdjaw

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December 12 - 18

Camera-less film making: Workshop with Gaelle Rouard

BEEF Bristol
Until Saturday 14 January 2017

BEEF is hosting the French artist Gaëlle Rouard, who will give a two-day workshop on the art of ‘flat print’ filmmaking. Working intensively in the darkroom, participants will learn contact printing with found footage and hand processing, before working together with film projectors to create forms of visual music. The workshop promises to be a stimulating journey into analogue film production and performance.

'One thing my Dad's footage from our 1991 visit to Australia taught me is that it's never about the edit. I'm sure he's really going to appreciate this two-day workshop that I've signed him up for.'

Guest Editor lewdjaw

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December 19 - 26

Astro Raggi

Plymouth Arts Centre
Until Saturday 7 January 2017

Astro Raggi will illuminate the galleries as Megan Broadmeadow takes us inside the mind and machines of Pasquale Quadri, the Italian inventor who revolutionised the world of disco lighting from his mother’s kitchen table. Broadmeadow’s installation of sculptural and video works is inspired by disco lights such as the Astro Raggi, AstroDisco, Golden Scan and Sharpy, which were the first to synchronise to rhythms with their extravagant multicoloured beams. They brought a new kind of drama to dancefloors across the world, altering perception and experience and helping reimagine the relationship between music, bodies and architecture.

'Given how much she knows about disco lights, and probably smoke machines too, I imagine Megan Broadmeadow would be fun to be around at a party. Megan if you see this, call me (no Facebook).'

Guest Editor lewdjaw

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