Sector Development


ZEL­DA is an artist cen­tred art advi­so­ry. We work trans­par­ent­ly and eth­i­cal­ly to sup­port artists, col­lec­tors and organisations.

ZELDA is a new proposition for an arts advisory: Artist-centred with a holistic approach, we cover a range of services for artists, collectors, and organisations.

ZELDA positions itself transparently and ethically within the visual arts ecosystem, keeping artists at the centre of everything we do.

With over 30 years combined experience in the visual art sector, ZELDA’s founders, Mary Cork and Kate Phillimore have the access and expertise to offer a wide range of support. A portion of fees earned from consultancy are re-directed back into the organisation to create free programmes of support for artists and arts professionals, such as mentoring.

Each year ZELDA will nominate a charitable arts organisation dedicated to the professional development of artists who are not easily or readily represented by the commercial arts sector. ZELDA will make a direct donation of 5% of any income earned through our advisory service to the chosen organisation.