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The Salisbury Museum

The Sal­is­bury Muse­um tells the sto­ry of a unique land­scape which has been the cra­dle of con­tin­u­ous human achieve­ment for over half a mil­lion years.

At The Salisbury Museum we are committed to welcoming, inspiring and entertaining our diverse audiences by telling the story of Salisbury and the surrounding area – a unique landscape which has been the cradle of unparalleled human achievement for over half a million years. 

We continually seek new ways to engage and collaborate with the broadest of audiences and partners. We use our expertise, creativity and passion, and the extraordinary breadth of our collections, to present contemporary experiences, displays, exhibitions and events which give context to the archaeological, historic and artistic riches of Salisbury and South Wiltshire. 

The Salisbury Museum acts as a  catalyst to understanding and learning about English history on many different levels, and to appreciating what is so special and significant about this landscape, and the lives of the people who have shaped it – and who continue to shape it today.

The main strength of the museum rests in its archaeological collections: these include prehistoric material from South Wiltshire, including Stonehenge; the Pitt Rivers’ Wessex collection; and a fine medieval collection with finds from Old Sarum, Clarendon Palace and the city itself.

Based in the King’s House, a Grade I listed building located opposite Salisbury Cathedral, the museum building formerly housed a teacher training college and was the inspiration for an episode in Thomas Hardy’s novel Jude the Obscure.
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