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Together We Make

Togeth­er We Make has been brought to life to show­case the colour­ful and rich diver­si­ty of Bris­tol and beyond’s cre­ative scene.

Together We Make has been brought to life to showcase the colourful and rich diversity of Bristol and beyond’s creative scene. To do so we are exploring podcasts, workshops, a collaboration network, residencies, and events.

Making creativity our alliance is essential to keeping us sane and thriving within what can often feel like a divided and maddening world. What does your creativity mean to you? Now is our time to declare how and why we make as we form a powerful affinity with our creativity, as individuals, and as a collective.

Together We Make aims to bring to the forefront the sheer breadth of creative expertise in our society today. Join us as we dive into the vast multitude of projects, experiments, and platforms created by the talented humans within our communities.

During a time where it feels as though creative culture isn’t fairly valued for what it brings to our human existence by financial gatekeepers and business types, we seek to find and create from the underground a community of resilience, empowerment, and unity.
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