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Obsidian Coast

A space for unhur­ried artis­tic prac­tice out­side the city prop­er, envi­sioned as an oth­er­world­ly des­ti­na­tion open­ing unfore­see­able horizons.

We host exhibitions, residencies, events and a library project with a commitment to artist moving image and environmentally sustainable and feminist practice. Built upon a desire to approach, stay with and transform in the presence of others, the space is envisaged as a coastal ecosystem, in which ever-shifting assemblages constitute a resonant web of ideas and ways of being. On this mythical coast, the ethics of the most intimate interactions that compose everyday life constitute the fundamental conditions from which to pursue sensitive approaches to research, practice and political thought. Giving space for unhurried development of ideas and co-emergence of multiple perspectives in lasting encounters, the coast is a life-affirming abode for gathering with principles of care and generosity. Located in Bradford-on-Avon, Obsidian Coast is run by Nella Aarne and Sam Smith.
WTSR Night 01
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