We are new and fresh, just starting to bloom! We began in October 2018 with a one day workshop to bring together socially-engaged practitioners to network, share, take risks, talk and bring about new opportunities. We have now grown to become a strong rural network of 50 South West based artists, musicians, performers, photographers, menders, dancers and all those in many other camps! We are region wide, as are our members but to date most of our action and events currently takes place in Dorset.

Since our first event we have hosted artists' talks, events, workshops, meet-ups, away-days and festivals, all of which have been promoted through a weekly newsletter.

Currently we are running a crowdfunder to support members of our network that have had their income severely reduced by the COVID-19 crisis. We hope this will be able to 'replace' some of income that been lost. If you want to support it visit our website link above.