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Clare Thornton

Photo Credit: Act 1 After Alison Knowles, One Night Stand: Performance, Spike Island (photo: Max McClure)


It feels crucial at this mid-career point to create a personally tailored package of peer review sessions; individual exchanges with 3 selected artists whose work inspires me and whose practice both chimes with (and can productively challenge) my own current research interests, conceptual and economic concerns and outputs in performance/events, sculpture and book-works.

This award comes at a crucial point and is going to make a real difference to my practice, allowing me to focus on research and development and conceptual concerns. The Re:view Bursary will enable me to examine the direction of my studio works-in-progress and how these might be taken forwards.

I want to solicit fresh critical engagement with my practice from 3 artists with whom I share common ground, drawing upon their expertise as I take stock and look forward. Interested in reciprocity and peer-2-peer support, I intend individual exchanges to be mutually productive and prompt cross-disciplinary and cross-regional exchange. Each invited artist will undertake a rigorous review of work, exploring new individual pieces in relation to past bodies of work. This critical exchange will allow me to gather advice on potential opportunities for testing new works in unfamiliar contexts and spaces.

The 3 artists I will be working with are:

Trevor Pitt, who launches A3, a new artist led project space focussing on "the act of making and making things happen," in Birmingham in May 2013. Familiar with my practice, Trevor has expressed an interest in my recent solo work and this peer critique will act as the ideal opening towards inclusion in a new project he is developing: "You are Here invites artists who have established themselves for making work that relates to 'sense of place' and 'making of meaning' to develop and present new work at A3 within an exhibition in October 2013".

Sovay Berriman will be my strategy advisor. With her extensive artist development experience she offers personally focused guidance, scrutinising where I position my practice and advising upon a strategic action plan. A tailored advice session will help me achieve a plan of action towards the year(s) ahead.

Emily Speed is based at Royal Standard in Liverpool and is currently exhibiting work within the Northern Art Prize exhibition, Leeds Art Gallery. We share conceptual interests in body/space/text relations; testing ideas through performance, bookworks and sculpture and are both featured in the forthcoming bookwork Revolve:R (curated: Sam Treadaway/Ricarda Vidal). Having followed Emily's work with intense interest a Re:view Bursary would enable me to pay appropriately for focused time with her, to scrutinise how we make, talk and write about our work. My work often examines body/object relations with specific public/historical sites. I am keen to consider ways to release works from their specificity and reposition in new contexts e.g.galleries/project spaces.

Clare Thornton is an interdisciplinary maker working predominantly with performance, sculpture, installation and print. Using a variety of props and materials she devises ‘scenes’ to examine her relationship to certain objects, texts and spaces.  Exploring specific locations, libraries and archives Thornton then enacts/presents her findings playing with memory, materiality and desire. Conversation and cross-disciplinary exchange are crucial elements in her process of making and she collaborates with groups/individuals across diverse fields of art and science to produce new works for public art contexts, museums and galleries nationally and internationally.


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Friday 08 February 2019 – Tuesday 31 December 2019

Linda Brothwell Conversations in Making

Stonehenge Visitor Centre, Amesbury, Wiltshire SP4 7DE

Friday 24 May 2019 – Sunday 24 November 2019

Exeter's Fine Art Collection: A Sense of Place

Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Queen Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3RX

Tuesday 18 June 2019 – Sunday 15 March 2020

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