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Joe Stevens

Image: screenshot from an audio visual work, Reinventing the Landscape


The Re:view application came about from ideas I'd had while showing my work in two arts festivals last year. The two commissions I'd received were for two very different strands to my work. One was for b-side arts festival for a smartphone app that turned GPS data into an abstract language that was informed by contemporary visual art. The resulting work included a new body of audio visual work. Though these new works have been shown in a number of film festivals, I didn't feel they were the appropriate place, but how and what technical requirements would this need to show them off in the best light?

My other commission was for Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival to create a new sonic bus tour. This strand of my work is very different to the abstract work above in every way. The work was a follow on from a tour I had made in Poole that explored our working landscapes. The route I devised travelled through different aspects of our everyday landscape, through parts of the town that you don't usually travel during your typical tourist bus tour. While the audio installation mixed field recordings with oral history. The work was totally engrossing, as my composition mixed transparently with those everyday sounds all around us. It was great to hear people on the bus joining in, laughing and chattering along with my soundscape. This has great potential, but how to develop it further?

Presenting sound works is always difficult as we do not have a tradition of being still and just listening. We live in a visual culture and relay on our eyes being entertained. So by presenting the work in a bus with an ever changing landscape was, I felt, a great way to present soundwork. I also loved the idea of having sounds of a place played back where the sounds originated from, mixed with spoken word.

Along with general questions around ways I can constructively develop my work and my practice, I identified some specific questions, which the Re:view bursary will help explore, around sonic interventions / installations:

  • How technology can best facilitate your work in a physical space, how say different speakers can radically effect the experience of the piece.
  • Installing sound installations in unusual spaces and interesting ways focusing on the lives and recollections of residents. Exploring the richness of combining oral histories / spoken word with field recordings.
  • Give voice to contrasting perceptions and constructions of the past, and the way in which they continue to resonate in a place.
  • Explore how an audio work’s intervention in a space can create complex overtones in the actual space itself.
  • Ways to create site-specific installation that pushes my practice into new performance areas?

And lastly, but most importantly is a vital question about ways to attract an audience to contemporary art in a rural context.

Upcoming event
Joe's audio visual work 'Reinventing the Landscape' is being played at NoiseFloor festival 2013 in the afternoon concert on Thursday, 2nd  May. (NoiseFloor festival 2013, Staffordshire University, Beaconside, Stafford. 30th April - 3rd May 2013).

Joe Stevens is interested in the cross-fertilization of art with other disciplines and increasingly interested in performative, invitational, and collaborative models for producing. Using contemporary technology as a tool for working with other media in a way that echoes the ephemeral nature of oral cultures, his practice has increasingly engaged with archives. Shown generative abstract animations in galleries and outdoor sites across the UK. This work has developed into utilising data, read through algorithms, to create new works. Stevens has produced radio programs broadcast on independent FM radio stations across Europe and USA, with audio work released on various compilations.



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