Pick of the Week 2014

December's Picks selected by VASW Director Grace Davies

December 15-21

Tom Dale: Terminal Blue

John Hansard Gallery
Until Saturday 07 February

Over recent years Tom Dale has produced a body of work for both galleries and public spaces, bringing to both the same dexterity and questioning vision.Terminal Blue will concentrate on two works, important  in the development of his practice, and set to be realised here for the first time, as well as a new set of sculptural works that have been commissioned especially for John Hansard Gallery.

'Who isn't intrigued by this fabulous image? Tom Dale has a diverse and playful practice, which adeptly incorporates a range of media as well participatory and interactive aspects. This is one to go and see'

Guest Editor, VASW Director, Grace Davies

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Decemeber 8-14

Anna Franceschini, Laws of Attraction

Spike Island
Until Sunday 14 December 2014

The Italian artist and filmmaker Anna Franceschini harnesses the illusionist potential of ‘motion pictures’ to animate the inanimate. Her favourite shooting grounds are the sites of industrial production in the widest sense of the word, from factories and workshops to funfairs.

'It's the last week of the wonderful 'Laws of Attraction' by Anna Franceschini at Spike Island and I urge you to go and experience it. The brilliance and subtlety of her technical expertise, underpinned by a strong narrative and compelling imagery all beautifully installed and presented left me spellbound. I want to return again and again.'

Guest Editor, VASW Director, Grace Davies

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December 1-7

Ryan Curtis: Procession & Nick Davies’ Intention/Invention/Convention

Exeter Phoenix
Until Saturday 10 January

'Although listed as two separate events on VASW I can’t avoid reading the current exhibitions at Exeter Phoenix as a two-person show. Both Ryan Curtis’s Procession and Nick Davies’ Intention/Invention/Convention are dominated by the artists’ attempts to re-enact or re-interpret a walk.

'For Curtis the journey is rooted in a filmic reference but perhaps also the neverending search of a sculptor seeking out their next monument (by the way Ryan, it’s behind you). Curtis though is self-aware and just as his Django routine, dragging the stand-in sarcophagus, is subverted by the cardboard object itself reappearing in the gallery, the very walls to divide the space and support the projection screen are the chipboard you’d usually find behind the scenes of the stage set.

'Across the corridor, Nick Davies’ documentation of a grand expedition is enjoyably self-depricating. Never quite fulfilling his eureka moment, Davies has returned, dragging his trundle wheel behind him and re-pitched his tent in the middle of the gallery. The ultimate discovery is not what we see presented as the outcome here within the white walls, it is of course somewhere between Brixham and Minehead, the artist’s journey itself.

'Curtis is inviting anyone to join him on one of his walks this Saturday around Exeter and, I think here I need to apologise for a sneaky plug, this weekend art/walking enthusiasts really are spoilt for choice with an artist walk also offered by Hamish Fulton in Plymouth.'

Guest Editor Vickie Fear

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