Pick of the Week 2017

August's Picks selected by Dawn Giles

July 31-August 6


Newlyn Art Gallery and Exchange

Saturday 22 July – Saturday 16 September

Craft from a range of makers will be displayed alongside artists’ film and photography that focusses on the art of making, a connection to materials and sharing of skills. With so many manufactured, disposable objects in our world, it is a reminder that we can all make objects with our hands.

'I am very interested in our relationship to the hand made and how that is evolving in relation to the mass produced, and our growing problems with waste and sustainability. This exhibition is both workshop and display. If you can get there this week, there are one hour classes including whittling.'

Guest Editor Dawn Giles

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August 7-13

Two Itinerant Quilters

Helston Museum, Cornwall

Friday 11 August – Saturday 12 August

Two Itinerant Quilters takes its inspiration from the long-lost profession of the 18th century travelling quilters who would stay with families in order to create patchwork quilts from old clothing, rags and sacks found at each home. Artists Joanna Wright and Lenka Clayton have revived this vanished activity with a new purpose and an invitation for the public to become involved.

'The inspiration for this project comes from 18th Century travelling quilters, something I had not heard of before reading about this work. The two artists, Joanna Wright and Lenka Clayton are travelling around the UK, and asking people to let them take scissors to a piece of clothing they are wearing that day. Risk, trust and a reminder that quilts were a way of recycling textiles: I love it.'

Guest Editor Dawn Giles

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August 14-20

Playback: Touring Exhibition in association with Random Acts

Arnolfini, Bristol

Friday 18 August – Monday 28 August

The award-winning short films that feature in this interactive gallery presentation have been created by 16-24 year-olds from all over England, including many young filmmakers from Bristol.

Presenting films that cover a wide variety of subjects and art forms, Playback reflects the concerns and vision of a diverse pool of young people working with film today. From narrative films about drag queens, super-heroes, job centres and zombies to animated stories that feature talking goldfish and radioactive snails.

'Short film can be a really pleasurable experience. I particularly enjoy dance film, and with over 200 films to choose from and all made by 16-24 year-olds, there'll definitely be no numb bums in this exhibition.'

Guest Editor Dawn Giles

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August 21-27

Everything Comes from the Egg

Aspex, Portsmouth

Until Sunday 3 September

Stephen Turner, the artist who created the Exbury Egg, a wooden egg-shaped sculpture in which he lived and worked for over a year through 2013 and 2014, continues his odyssey across southern England with a new exhibition and residency programme.

'I have been following this project from afar, mainly through social media. The Exbury Egg is part houseboat, part studio, a beautiful sculptural object and an exploration of sustainability within art practice. This is an opportunity to see the artwork Stephen Turner made while living in The Egg for a year, as well as new work he has made while in residence at Aspex.'

Guest Editor Dawn Giles

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