Pick of the Week 2017

June's Picks selected by Alexander Stevenson

May 29-June 4

GLuton Intolerance: Artists Talk & Meal

Exeter Phoenix

Wednesday 31 May, 5.30pm

'The wonderfully named Dominic from Luton (Dominic Allan) and Jasleen Kaur from Glasgow collaborate in an extraordinary event that "subverts the very notion of the artist’s talk", something that definitely needs to be subverted more often. The status of "the artist" will be knocked down and rebuilt as they consider gender, race, class, and identity. Dominic from Luton, from which the talk takes its name, is interested in what it is to come from this much derided town. Relationship between viewer and artist will be further tested and explored with artists and audience preparing and sharing a meal together, using a special collection of bowls gathered by the artists, connecting it to the concurrent Spacex project Makers of the Multiverse (by artists Juneau Projects), also in Exeter. It's unclear from the website whether celiacs are actually accommodated for.'

Guest Editor Alexander Stevenson

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June 5-11

Augmented Geology

KARST, Plymouth

Saturday 10 June – Saturday 08 July

'An unusual and potentially mind-blowing international group show curated by Finnish Art Agency at KARST in Plymouth. The poster image itself (a still from - Veridis quo, 2016, by Lola Gonzalez) is one of the most intriguing I've seen recently; the show promises to explore representation, speculative entities, hybrids and the relationship between the physical and virtual reality. At a time when some much is being written about both the anthropocene and augmented reality, this is a timely and provocative laboratory of artworks representing the natural and the virtual science of rocks, and the possibilities of recreating natural and solid materials - in installations, video works and sculptures.'

Guest Editor Alexander Stevenson

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June 12-18

b-side Assemblies: No 1

St Georges Centre, Reforne, Portland

Saturday 17 June

'No 1: Rapid Responder or Slow Burner. When the dust has fully settled from the UK elections and you're either exhilarated or enraged about the staus quo, join b-side for a day of conversation on the subject of how artists are reacting to political and social change in times of crisis, featuring contributions from a fantastic list of artists, producers and curators from across the region.'

Guest Editor Alexander Stevenson

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June 19-25

Eduardo Paolozzi: GENERAL DYNAMIC F.U.N

Allsop Gallery - Bridport Arts Centre

Saturday 24 June - Saturday 22 July

'Works of the irreverent Paolozzi are currently part of a Hayward Touring collection and can be seen at the Allsop Gallery from 24 June. Described by J.G. Ballard, as a "unique guidebook to the electric garden of our minds", his works are an extravagant kaleidoscope of pop, drawing on consumer advertising, high fashion and Hollywood in the 1960s. An extremely enjoyable visit to another era of mass culture, and a "health warning for an uncreative and thriftless society".'

Guest Editor Alexander Stevenson

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