Paying Artists Campaign

In May, after concluding their research, a-n / AIR launched the Paying Artists Campaign. The campaigns objective is simple: artists should be remunerated for exhibiting in publicly funded spaces.

The campaign has already garnered a great deal of support from artists and arts organisations nationally and internationally and putting this important issue on the agenda hasn’t just raised awareness and got people talking, its already having an impact; after meeting with AIR Council, Arts Council England have publicly declared that all NPO applicants must demonstrate how they will apply fair pay to artists - and ACE will be monitoring how they carry this out; there’s been coverage and support for the campaign in the US, Canada, China, Finland, Spain and France, and practitioners from other artforms are keen to join forces for effective campaigning and visibility.

a-n / AIR are currently in consultation with the visual arts sector to encourage transparency in exhibition policy and practices, and their publication ‘Paying artists: securing a future for the visual arts in the UK’ has been circulated to politicians, policy makers and galleries.

For the next phase a-n/AIR are working with campaign experts DHA to develop ‘Toolkits’ for artists and employers, including ‘How to calculate the asset artists provide’ and transparency frameworks for galleries, as well as resources for students on art, curatoral and arts management courses. They will be developing international partnerships and presenting evidence at a wide range of conferences and seminars.

Get involved
Sign up to the campaign and invite others to join you
Share the video
on your social media sites. Use the hashtag #PayingArtists.
See the website
  for case studies of good practice, endorsements from senior artists and visible support from artists and arts organisations in the UK and internationally.

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