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5 x 5 x 5 series: Everything is changing. Nothing has changed. Change is coming

5 artists, 5 writ­ers, 5 researchers bring­ing togeth­er diverse voic­es for an online series of arts and cul­ture in response to the glob­al issues of 2020

“As part of the Legacies and Futures season we invited five writers and five researchers to respond to the provocation “Everything is changing. Nothing has changed. Change is coming.” Their work is presented as part of the 5x5x5 series alongside the artwork of five artists commissioned through The Arts Institute Covid-19 art fund. The series takes stock of this tumultuous time as we are living it through it now, bringing together voices working across a range of art-forms and disciplines including; health, law, history, visual arts, literature, music, film, theatre, poetry and spoken word, to ask what they would like to see change.”

Dr Sarah Chapman, Director, The Arts Institute

Experience 15 days of new work. Each day reveals new perspectives that intersect with previous voices to provide a multi-layered cultural narrative as to our current situation. It does not shy away from tackling the difficult questions that are bubbling at the surface, and instead seeks to provide insight into issues that have been amplified in the current crisis, including: historical memory, social injustice, the Black Lives Matter movement, and caring for the vulnerable and the marginalised.
Contributors present new possibilities and alternative ways of living and organising society, recognising sparks for change that have the potential to reimagine a different future.
These contributors include: Prof Sube Banerjee, Beyond Face, Alex Cahil, Andy Cluer, Tjawangwa Dema, Laura Denning, Manick Govinda, Dr Zoe James, Daniel Jamieson, Kat Lyons, Kane John Mills, David Olusoga, Louisa Adjoa Parker, Helen Snell & Monica Shanta, Anna Somner, George Vasey.

Free to access online.