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A Green New Deal for Culture in Bristol Webinar

How can the cul­tur­al recov­ery in Bris­tol pro­vide job secu­ri­ty, address sys­temic bar­ri­ers to empow­er­ment and cen­tre cli­mate justice?

Opening Times
Sun–Mon, Closed
Tuesday, 16:00 – 17:30
Wed–Sat, Closed
What should a Green New Deal for Culture look like in Bristol? Co-hosted by the Bristol hub of Green New Deal UK and Rising Arts Agency, this webinar aims to provide space for artists and culture workers to think together on how to build a just and sustainable future for our city’s culture sector. How can we collectively organise to ensure the cultural recovery in Bristol prioritises job security, addresses systemic barriers to empowerment and takes action on climate change?

Rising Arts Agency will share a provocation based on their experience working to build a more representative arts sector and there will be time for all participants to share thoughts and actions for the next steps. There will be space for a maximum of 25 participants in this webinar to allow a meaningful conversation.

The event will try to be as accessible as possible, though we acknowledge this can be challenging with the technology, time and resources available. Please communicate with us about your access requirements, however you define access and we will be happy to talk more with you about how we can accommodate this.

Rising Arts Agency is a powerful, collaborative community of artists and creatives mobilising for social change. Led by young creative thinkers aged 16 - 30, they advocate for sector and cultural change through campaigns, research projects, industry consultation and our creative agency services.

Green New Deal UK are a nationwide organisation aiming to build grassroots support for a Coronavirus Recovery Plan that ‘Builds Back Better’ and supports local communities to get involved in fighting inequality in their area.