A Picturesque Tour landscape
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A Picturesque Tour

An online talk where Pro­fes­sor Mal­colm Andrews will dis­cuss the con­tin­ued rel­e­vance and the his­to­ry of the idea of the pic­turesque’.

In this talk, Professor Malcolm Andrews will introduce the history and continued relevance of the idea of the ‘picturesque’. The talk will centre on William Gilpin, the influential 18th-century New Forest writer who helped to create a taste for the picturesque. Andrews will discuss Gilpin’s preference for rough-looking landscapes, early picturesque tourists, and historical and contemporary ways of framing landscapes through lenses and screens.

Malcolm Andrews is a renowned scholar and author of Landscape and Western Art (1999) and The Search for the Picturesque: Landscape Aesthetics and Tourism in Britain, 1760-1800 (1989); he was Professor of Victorian and Visual Studies at University of Kent.