LORES hag stone moon jourmey Thru hole I blind O Thru hole oui see chodzko B 1

Adam Chodzko - Thru hole I blind/O/Thru hole oui see

New com­mis­sion by Adam Chodzko as part of T E L E V I S T A S: New views on land­scape and Gilpin’s pic­turesque from/​for/​about the New Forest.

Opening Times
Sun–Mon, Closed
Tuesday, 21:00 – 22:00
Wed–Sat, Closed
Adam Chodzko’s new video work ‘Thru hole I blind/O/Thru hole oui see’ explores the ways that forests are mapped, understood and perceived. The work draws on rich and diverse knowledge of the New Forest generously made available by a wide array of local specialists and organisations including Forestry England, National Parks Authority and The Verderers of the New Forest. The video is structured like a dream traversing this forest of information.

Streamed on Tele Vistas, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The work will be repeated 4 times per stream.

Objects to accompany a viewing of the work:
When you view this work, please try to bring the following objects. If you can’t locate the ideal objects, we’ve also listed a domestic equivalent.
* Stone or pebble. Ideally a flint. (If not, a metal dessert spoon)

* A fir cone. (If not, an onion or potato)

* Some damp moss. ( If not, a slightly dampened piece of bread)

* Three leaves from 3 different trees. (If not, three socks from three separate pairs)

* An acorn. (If not, a £1 coin)

* A hawthorn twig or similar, but ideally including a thorn. (If not, a pencil)

* A piece of bark. (If not, a CD, DVD or pack of Post-It Notes)

Streamed daily 10 - 18 Nov, upcoming times: 

Wed 11 Nov 15:00

Thur 12 Nov 16:00

Fri 13 Nov 17:00

Sat 14 Nov 18:00

Sun 15 Nov 19:00

Mon 16 Nov 20:00

Tue 17 Nov 21:00
Wed 18 Nov 22:00