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Talks & Seminars

Agile Structures - networking in isolation

Net­work­ing artists, cura­tors and art-writ­ers in Corn­wall & Devon to re-vision prac­tice and behav­iour in the shad­ow of the Coro­na Virus pandemic.

24/06/20 – 27/06/20
Networking artists, curators and art-writers in Cornwall & Devon to re-vision practice and behaviour in the shadow of the Corona Virus pandemic and the light of an inclusive and environmentally low-impact future.

Confirmed contributors:

Dave Beech
Bridgette Ashton
Cinzia Mutigli & Holly Davey
James Fergusson
Simon Bayliss with Ilker Cinarel & Senara Wilson Hodges
Shama Khanna
Ceri Hand

Recognising that Covid-19 is affecting everything we once took for granted, artists Sara Bowler and Sovay Berriman have joined with Cultivator Cornwall and CAMP to create an opportunity to share, discuss and make at a social distance, using some of the online platforms that have become an everyday norm. Agile Structures celebrates the ability of the arts to flex, and respond to a new situation. Speakers will look at the potentials and possibilities for maintaining and enriching our practices, acknowledging that here is a moment to shift our behaviours and expectations for a better, fairer, future.

Combining a mix of talks, workshops, panel discussions, an online supper club, video DJing and artists’ Speed Shows.
Spread over 4 days to minimise screen fatigue and allow time for people to attend as their personal responsibilities allow.
Each session lasting 1.5 to 2 hours.
The majority of sessions will be recorded and made available on a dedicated platform for a limited time for participants to catch up or re-visit as they choose. They will be available to view via the dedicated website until 9am Monday 29 June.

Speed Shows

A key part of Agile Structures is the opportunity for participating artists to present their work. During lockdown, artists have had limited opportunities to show, share, discuss what they’ve been up to in recent months. These Speed Shows are an attempt to address that. We’re offering eighteen 6 minute slots between Thursday and Saturday from 12-1.30pm. Six artists will present in each session followed by a combined, facilitated Q&A.

You will need to book additionally through Eventbrite for these sessions, which will be allocated on a first come first served basis. We will be in touch when you have booked your slot.

We are asking artists to prepare their presentations in advance using a pre recorded PowerPoint/Keynote presentation which will need to be sent to us by 12noon on Wednesday 24th June.


Agile Structures will be delivered using Zoom Pro. A Zoom account is not required if you are joining Zoom Meetings as a participant. If someone invites you to their meeting, you can join as a participant without creating an account.

As this is an online event we are making an assumption that participants will be joining from their own residences and will have the tools and facilities in place that they require to attend. If there is anything additionally that you require which Agile Structures can provide please do make us aware when you register.

If you require any information at this stage please email
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