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AI for Nervous Humans by Dave Webb

Hands-on work­shop cre­ative­ly train­ing AI using just pen + paper with ana­logue code

Opening Times
Sunday, Closed
Monday, 18:30 – 20:00
Tue–Sat, Closed
AI for Nervous Humans is a creative coding workshop that takes a look at what Artificial Intelligence is, reminding ourselves of the incredible things we can do that machines cannot. Using tangible materials such as pen and paper, we will explore how Machine Learning does what it does, and how this helps us understand our brains. We will have a look at some common fears about, and positive potential of AI, and then we will see how easily you can train a simple Machine Learning Algorithm yourself, without any code.

Please note: For the workshop participants will need to have: a pen and some paper.

Artist Bio

Dave Webb is a creative technologist and artist working with code to express interesting and difficult ideas. Dave is studying for an MSc in Creative Computing at Bath Spa University, is a resident at The Studio, Palace Yard Mews in Bath and is a member of the Control Shift Network.

Access Information

BSL and live captioning for online events are available on request, please contact us in advance. Control Shift online events will take place across three different digital platforms: Zoom, BigBlueButton and YouTube. All of these platforms are compatible with common screen readers. After events, we will make transcripts and videos available online.

Please get in touch if you have specific access needs or would like advice using the online platform, we'd be happy to help. Please email Martha ( or call 07799067031.
Coding Club AI artwork ORIGINAL 1