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Public Art

Ancient Mariner Big Read

An immer­sive work of audio and visu­al art that reflects the sweep­ing majesty and abid­ing influ­ence of Samuel Tay­lor Coleridge’s 18th cen­tu­ry poem.

18/04/20 – 28/05/20
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is a founding fable of our modern age. We are the wedding guests, and the albatross around the Mariner's neck is an emblem of human despair and our abuse of the natural world. Yet in its beautiful terror there lies a wondrous solution – that we might wake up and find ourselves saved. Art knows no boundaries. The Ancient Mariner Big Read is an inclusive, immersive work of audio and visual art from the 21st century that reflects the sweeping majesty and abiding influence of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s 18th century epic poem.

First published in 1798 - we use Coleridge's revised version of 1817 - but still vitally relevant today, it is no coincidence, perhaps, that this poem is the first great work of English literature to speak to isolation and loneliness - and the possibility of redemption if we mend our ways. Three years in the making, drawing on the talents of actors, artists, performers, poets, and writers, The Ancient Mariner Big Read is a brand-new digital work of art in its own right - a wild and tempestuous voyage into the unknown.
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