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Art, Code and a Bowl of Fruit

Work­shop to make cod­ing tools to draw still-life by Alice Haynes, Pete Ben­nett and Dave Webb

Opening Times
14:00 – 16:00
Feeling nostalgic for the digital art of your youth? Want to brush up on your computer drawing skills in a friendly, playful and fun environment?

Come join us for a workshop of creative coding and art!

In the first hour you will program your own drawing tool, vaguely reminiscent of the classic Microsoft Paint.

Total beginners encouraged - we will take you through every step!

In the second hour everyone will have the chance to show off their skills and try out each others creations through drawing both still life and (almost certainly fully clothed) figure drawing.

We stress again, absolutely no art or coding skills are required for this family friendly workshop, only a sense of fun and an open mind :-)

Age limit: 10+

Artist Bio

Bristol based Alice Haynes, Pete Bennett and Dave Webb, are a group of artists who like to code - or indeed coders who like to art! Their interests run the full range of physical to digital and and they like to crossover and bring this together in unlikely combinations as often as possible: robotics, music, sketching, programming, sound-art, making, painting, crafting, patchworking and print-making. They make silly, simple and rewarding things with high and low tech.

Access Information

BSL and live captioning for online events are available on request, please contact us in advance. Control Shift online events will take place across three different digital platforms: Zoom, BigBlueButton and YouTube. All of these platforms are compatible with common screen readers. After events, we will make transcripts and videos available online.

Please get in touch if you have specific access needs or would like advice using the online platform, we'd be happy to help. Please email Martha ( or call 07799067031.
Art code fruit image2 01