Lanyon portrait 2

Arthur Lanyon 'Arcade Laundry'

Ani­ma Mun­di are proud to present Arcade Laun­dry’, a solo pre­sen­ta­tion of mul­ti-scale and ener­getic paint­ings by British artist Arthur Lanyon.

“Everything is to be gained from specifying the sites of thought and making them more numerous.” - Jean Dubuffet

After spending some time amusing myself in the games arcade, I wandered out to the street and crossed the zebra crossing to the launderette aptly named ‘Arcade Laundry’. I sat waiting for clean whites when, quite involuntarily, my vision distorted, reorganising itself into an altered state, resulting from a ‘scintillating scotoma’ - a sort of painless migraine. It was like tuning in to an invisible data stream that held comparative visual echoes of the bright, colourful and gordy computer games just played. From the street to the sheet, inner and outer experiences were bundled together... Arthur Lanyon,2020
Lanyon portrait 2
Drawing Painting