Kehinde Wiley Narrenschiff 2017 3
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Bite size: Portraying power, as Part of the Kehinde Wiley Exhibition

Talk focus­ing on Kehinde Wiley’s fas­ci­nat­ing career and how he has become a sym­bol for black com­mu­ni­ties and their empowerment.

Join an in-depth conversation about Kehinde Wiley’s fascinating career and how the successful New York based artist has become a symbol for black communities and their empowerment. The discussion takes the diverse artworks exhibited in Kehinde Wiley: Ship of Fools as a starting point to examine the ways in which the artist challenges the conventional depictions and aesthetics of power, taste and privilege. This podcast is an opportunity to familiarise with Wiley’s unique vision of the world.

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Kehinde Wiley Narrenschiff 2017 3