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Blueprints: The History of the Sewing Pattern online

Find out more about the his­to­ry of the paper pat­tern indus­try and the com­pa­nies that pro­duced pat­terns in this illu­mi­nat­ing online workshop

Opening Times
Sun–Mon, Closed
Tuesday, 10:00 – 12:30
Wed–Sat, Closed
Discover the origins of patterns - from the tailoring manuals of the 16th century to the dressmaking publications of the 19th century, and the film costume-inspired Hollywood and Starred patterns of the 1930s and 1940s, through to the packet patterns that we buy today.

This event will take place online as a Zoom session. There will also be a chance to look at patterns and sewing magazines from the RAMM collections.
Details of the session will be emailed to you in advance of the date of the workshop.
Tutor: Victoria Haddock
Victoria Haddock has an MA in the History of Design and Material Culture from the University in Brighton, where her dissertation focused on the topic of fashion tie-ins inspired by film costumes during the 1930s.
She is a freelance writer and researcher who also works in collections care for Zenzie Tinker Conservation Ltd and has previously worked for the Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall, and the National Trust’s Killerton House. Victoria has also been volunteering with the Costume/Textile collections at Killerton and RAMM for over three years. She is currently the Ambassadors' Co-ordinator and Twitter Manager for The Costume Society.