Radial THREE pearlescent lowres

Chuck Elliott | Modular Locus

Chuck Elliott pro­duces works that hov­er between tra­di­tion­al print mak­ing, con­tem­po­rary abstract pho­tog­ra­phy, and the dig­i­tal realm.

Chuck Elliott has selected a little over twenty works to be exhibited at Brewhouse Gallery in Taunton in conjunction with the launch of his new book 12. The selection encompasses many of the more intriguing works to come out of his studio over the past twelve years. Using the latest systems based drawing tools, he draws, sculpts and refines works that are concerned with the most fundamental building blocks available to the artist; colour, line, form and light. Eschewing direct representation in favour of a more poetic approach, pieces are drawn from scratch, initially by hand, and later on screen, before being returned to the material world as large format laser exposed C-type photographic prints.
Radial THREE pearlescent lowres
Digital Drawing Painting