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Through­out this three-day course, you will be immersed into this med­i­ta­tive and high­ly-skilled prac­tice, learn­ing Sashiko stitch­ing and Boro mending,

As part of ‘Japan Week’, the first of our regular international spotlights on arts and culture, we are offering this three-day intensive course in exploring the art of Japanese embroidery techniques, taught by textiles expert Rob Jones.

Throughout this three-day course, you will be immersed into this meditative and highly-skilled practice, learning Sashiko stitching and Boro mending, as well as Kogin-counted thread embroidery – a practice which Rob is currently the only the only teacher of in the UK.

Itinerary – Exploring the Art of Japanese Embroidery Techniques

Day 1 – Moyozashi and Hitomezashi Sashiko embroidery – focusing on Moyozashi Sashiko (pattern sashiko) where the patterns change direction to make a larger one and Hitomezashi Sashiko (one-stitch sashiko) where the patterns are stitched to a grid.

Day 2 – Kogin counted thread embroidery – includes a full runthrough of the basic techniques including creating border patterns and sewing a selection of Modoko Kogin patterns, as well how to start out making your own designs.

Day 3 – Boro mending – finishing off with a session on starting your own Boro quilted project, so you have a keepsake from the weekend to continue at home.

The pace of classes and the retreat-like atmosphere of Clayhill Arts will allow you the time and space to complete larger pieces across the 3 days. By the end of this course you will have developed new insight and practical skills. Under Rob’s guidance, you may even gain the confidence to create your own designs using these ancient techniques.

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