Lily Mixe2

Lily Mixe : Symbiosis

Lily looks for the lines between the strug­gle to sur­vive and the fail­ure to coex­ist. Hop­ing for a har­mo­ny and a rare emer­gence of symbiosis.

22/10/20 – 14/11/20
Opening Times
11:00 – 18:00
The natural world is a place of extreme beauty and brutality. From microscopic to larger than life organisms that inhabit earth, there is a precarious and fragile balance between life and death. Every non domesticated plant or animal is fighting for survival - for space, food, the chance to reproduce. Finally everything dies to make way for the younger, fitter and faster. Within this chaos a strange order exists, moments of the sublime and displays of engineering genius, whether it be the dividing of a single cell, the pattern on a poisonous snake, fungus overtaking a tree, or a luminous coral reef providing shelter to school of fish. In very corner of our planet there are signs that there is a grand design to nature, animals coexisting, complimenting and benefiting one another is a kind of opera or theatre of survival.

Lily Mixe points to the overwhelming collective inhabitance, celebrating both the micro and macro structures, textures and otherworldly beings that we so often neglect and overlook. Her works attempt to find compositional balance, pushing a pulling until the works become more than the sum of their parts, somewhere between a peri dish of bacteria and a planet floating in space, these new works seem alien and yet familiar, gathered from collected samples, sketches, grafted together, loaded with colour and details, each one a boiling pot of possible life.