Maud Craigie SWSC 2 WEB

Maud Craigie: Indications of Guilt, pt.1

Craigie exam­ines the struc­tures of Amer­i­can police inter­ro­ga­tion and their rela­tion­ship to fic­tion­al screen rep­re­sen­ta­tions of law enforcement.

Indications of Guilt, pt.1 examines the structures of American police interrogation and their relationship to fictional screen representations of law enforcement.
In 2017, Craigie travelled to Texas to train undercover in America’s widely used form of psychological interrogation. The technique has faced scrutiny in recent years due to high false confession rates. Craigie’s film combines staged and documentary methods to explore how psychological interrogation can function as a process for creating fiction, whilst ostensibly seeking to establish truth.

In addition to the film, the exhibition includes items and material gathered as part of Craigie’s research.

The artist's research was supported by the Boise Travel Scholarship, Slade School of Fine Art, 2016

Maud Craigie is one of two artists selected for The South West Showcase 2020. SWSC is a recurring open call platform, showcasing artists from across the South West region via the production of two solo exhibitions. The showcase aims to celebrate contemporary artists working and living in the South West through a supportive scheme which develops and profiles these artists practices.
Maud Craigie SWSC 2 WEB