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Open Studios

 Somerset Open Studios

Fiona Campbell’s recent work show­ing dur­ing Som­er­set Open Stu­dios. Wan­der around her sculp­ture garden/​studio (safe mea­sures in place). By appointment

19/09/20 – 04/10/20
Bath & NE Somerset
Fiona's ACE-funded lockdown project Life in the Undergrowth is on show as part of Somerset Open Studios, alongside some of her other work: drawings, sculptures, textiles and film.

About the project:

'In isolation, appreciating and attending to nature seemed vital. My garden became my world, providing a sense of peace and purpose. Life in the Undergrowth was inspired by small hidden worlds that get overlooked - garden feeding art and art feeding garden.

A fascination with entangled roots, worms and shoots in upturned turf led to experimental responses using to-hand materials and found objects. I drew knotted clumps; dried pondweed, sunbleached, became paper; handmade tools from natural debris generated drawings, sculptures evolved and I made films.

While digging to make space for a studio bay, I found a glut of old rusty nails to use in my work. I sold my soil locally - a circular economy. Communing with small creatures, witnessing transformation, life and death, it has been emotional at times. Encounters between myself, garden as site and nature helped me form a stronger bond with all that comes and goes'.

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