Isa Seminega by Will Ireland 1 min 2
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Starting Your Creative Buisness

Take the stress out of cre­at­ing your busi­ness plan with our step by step busi­ness plan­ning workshop

23/04/21 – 25/04/21
Take the stress out of creating your business plan with our step by step business planning workshop. Over three days, Isa Seminega, author of The Creative Entrepreneur, will take you through creating a roadmap for starting your creative business and growing it into a thriving profitable venture.

You will learn how to build a strong foundation and develop a profitable business model. Plan the direction of your business and build your strategy. Clarify your vision and create a path to make it happen. You’ll cover everything from pricing your work to creating a marketing strategy that builds growth including ideas to improve revenue and profits. By the end of the workshop, you will leave with your completed business plan, an action plan to put your business strategy into practice, confidence in your idea and the motivation to achieve your goals.
Isa Seminega by Will Ireland 1 min 2