Paulandmagnus sml


Part of Som­er­set Open Stu­dios 2020, plus an exhi­bi­tion of work by Mag­nus Ham­mick, Paul New­man and Kather­ine Perrins

19/09/20 – 04/10/20
STILL LIFE: A Collaboration Between Magnus Hammick and Paul Newman

Driven by Magnus Hammicks art process of performance within the landscape, he offers Newman an earlier work as a starting point “Yellow Cube Within the Landscape”

Newman is then invited to begin the performance process with a journey into making observational drawings. In this performance a makeshift studio will be set up for Newman by Hammick. Large scale drawings of two oak trees within the grounds of Close House have been agreed as the main subject for this experimental event. The trees, conceptually representing the two artists. The results will be exhibited at Close Ltd.

This will be an ephemeral and gentle expressionistic collaboration also depicting the joining together of our creative communities.

PLUS -- Katherine Perrins - Artist in residence presenting works made during lockdown

Katherine Perrins work explores the understated quiet of domestic life. Bringing up children and spending time within the confines of the home. Her paintings honour the pursuit of housework, of interiors and amplifies the private and the ordinary. Her accomplished painting talent could be likened to the dutch masters who rose to fame from depicting rural life as well as STILL LIFE. During lockdown the subject matter has not changed but the essence of our isolation experience brings a new relevance to Perrins work. We welcome her first show at Close Ltd.