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‘together / apart’

On 18th April 2020 That Art Gallery launched an open call’ ask­ing for sub­mis­sions of up to 3 pic­tures tak­en dur­ing the COVID-19 lock down’…

18/04/20 – 26/05/20
That Art Gallery was due to open it’s new space and exhibition on 26th March 2020… The lockdown started in the UK on the 23rd March and the gallery was unable to open. Our first response was to put our forthcoming Dan Hollings show online in a virtual gallery - which we have done.

Then we started to consider ways to involve people, share the unique weirdness which everyone was experiencing and support the essential workers and NHS staff who continued to pass the now empty windows of the gallery.

204 submissions were selected and printed using a 'Polaroid Lab' & are displayed in the windows of That Art Gallery at 2 Upper Maudlin St, Bristol and on www.thatartgallery.com

That Art Gallery are producing a ‘together / apart’ book, with all proceeds from sales going to a local charity.

Our windows are the key to continuing to make our physical presence known. Instagram was the channel to reach a very disparate supply of people and to give their creative out pourings a platform.

More window based initiatives will follow at That Art Gallery - when it's safe to open we will continue our programme of emerging and established contemporary art.

This project has been supported by Polaroid