Touch Cells Forget Remember

Touch Cells: Remember Forget

A col­lab­o­ra­tive arts and sci­ence online per­for­mance by artists Bar­bara Touati-Evans and Susan Mer­rick explor­ing demen­tia using cro­chet and video

15/06/20 – 15/07/20
The performance is part of the project Detangling The Knots, bringing together the research and experience of dementia. The name refers to the protein tangles observed in the brain of people with the illness as well as the wool tangles used by the artists. Tangles are linked to the progressive death of brain cells/neurons.
Engaging with the notion of neurons growing, connecting and disconnecting, the artists, in their own individual cell, create large crochet chain webs and tangles in front of a projected film. The film contains footage from the neuroscience research and the creative workshops with people with dementia collected by the artists.