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Wood-fired in Japan - Popalini & Jezando

In their first solo exhi­bi­tion, Wood-fired in Japan’ is com­ing to the Bur­ton this July.

Fascinated by Japanese pottery, Popalini & Jezando went to Japan in early 2018 to study with Setsurou Shibata in Tajimi and Peter Seabridge in Tokoname, with whom they first fired a wood kiln. During their time there, they gained new insights into throwing and firing and expanded their aesthetic appreciation.

Last October they had the chance to go back to Japan supported by Arts Council England to further their knowledge of wood-firing and teaware. Over a space of two months Pop Wilkinson and Jez Anderson, both from Hartland, North Devon, made and wood-fired over 200 pots across two different kilns in the ancient pottery towns of Tamba-Sasayama and Tokoname. This exhibition showcases the journey and pieces created during this trip.
Popalini and Jezando jpg 2